Breaking Through Burnout

Dr. Setnik, ND supports her patients’ goals and ambitions by guiding them to start prioritizing themselves. Dr. Setnik, ND believes that everyone is unique and when working with her, she offers an individualized approach. She takes the time to get to know what your lifestyle needs and demands are, how burnout is affecting your life, and guides you to a plan fit for you on how you can break-free from burnout!

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Burnout Symptoms

Burnout can present in different ways for different women. Chronic Stress has an impact on many body systems and functions including our hormones, digestive system, mental health, sleep, cardiovascular health and more. Signs and symptoms of burnout can include:

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormones can get in the way of your success. Let’s take a comprehensive look at your hormonal imbalances. I help you target what hormones need support and help you balance them so you can feel energized, clear headed and feel like yourself again.

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Low Energy

There are many factors that can contribute to fatigue and low energy. I help you pinpoint what obstacles are getting in the way of your energy and create a comprehensive plan for you to thrive again.

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Anxiety and Overwhelm

A big step to feeling better is getting your nervous system out of overdrive. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. I help you by taking some of the load off and creating a comprehensive plan for you to live a balanced life with a sense of calm.

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Case Studies

Hi, I’m Dr. Andriana Setnik, ND

and I help overworked and ambitious women get back to feeling like themselves again. I have helped many women pinpoint the obstacles that are getting in the way of them feeling their best and create comprehensive individualized plans to get them feeling energized again. My background in nutritional sciences and naturopathic medicine allows for a holistic and sustainable approach.

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