Advanced Testing

Advanced Testing

Getting to the root cause of your disease is my mission. I do this by running the appropriate lab work and extensive functional testing needed for us to help you figure out what’s going on.

We then work together on getting your body parameters in that blissful, “optimal” range!

Some of the functional tests I use to help me understand your full body picture:

Urine Hormone Testing: This gives me a ton of information on how your cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and melatonin are being used up in the body. It will also tell us which exactly which pathways need more support. I will then set up a plan that may include: herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle counselling, and/or bioidentical hormone therapy to get you feeling you absolute best.

Stool Testing: This functional test maps out your entire gut microbiome. Chronic stress, poor diet, travel and other environmental factors have an influence on the makeup of your gut microbiome. Specialized stool testing can help pick up which microbes in your gut may be disrupting the microbial balance and allow for a more targeted treatment approach. Stool testing can also include insights into your digestion, inflammation and immune function.

Food Sensitivity Testing: Food Sensitivity Testing is a blood test that assesses which foods your immune system may be creating a reaction to. This is different from an allergy test, which provides information on which foods you have an immediate, anaphylactic reaction to. The immune response picked up in food sensitivity testing is a specific delayed immune response and may be associated with symptoms such as headaches, bloating, irregular bowel movements, and more.

Conventional Blood Testing: Conventional blood testing can help assess nutritional deficiencies, inflammatory markers, hormone markers and more. Some of these tests include iron, B12, thyroid hormones, blood sugar, liver function and more.

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Some of the tools I use for your individualized treatment plan include: