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Case Studies - Dr. Andriana Setnik, ND

Does this sound like you?

Through my approach, I help you heal by optimizing the foundations of health. Through advanced testing I help you pinpoint the root cause and influences of the symptoms you are experiencing. Once these are determined, I help bring your body into balance with supportive therapies to help you to feel energized and like yourself again.


Your diet plays a big role on your mood, your hormones, and metabolism. Often times when we are stressed, our diet is the first to go out the window and we end up grabbing the first thing that comes to mind. I work with my patients to create a realistic nutrition plan to nourish your body with the nutrients you need for stress, hormone health and more.



When healing from burnout, an important component includes filling your day with habits that support your goals and help address your symptoms. In order to set you up for long-term success, I provide you with tools you can include day-to-day to help with sleep, energy, anxiety and more. We also strategize on optimizing your environment and movement in a way that aligns with your symptoms and goals. Lifestyle habits are key for prevention and long term results in burnout recovery.

Lifestyle Counselling


Sleep is very often compromised in burnout. While it may not seem that way, a lot of important functions go on when you sleep! It is an essential component to help with recovery. I evaluate your quality and quantity of sleep and create a comprehensive plan that may require support to help optimizing this important foundation of heath.


Advanced Testing and Support

Often, when symptoms arise, your body may require additional support to get your body into balance. Advanced testing can help pinpoint certain nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, a detailed look at your gut health and more to determine what the root cause of the symptoms you may be experiencing can be. Once these factors are pinpointed, I put together a comprehensive plan that may include any of the modalities below to address these symptoms.

Advanced Testing
Dr. Andriana Setnik, ND

Hi, I’m Dr. Andriana Setnik, ND

and I help overworked and ambitious women get back to feeling like themselves again. I have helped many women pinpoint the obstacles that are getting in the way of them feeling their best and create comprehensive individualized plans to get them feeling energized again. My background in nutritional sciences and naturopathic medicine allows for a holistic and sustainable approach.

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Signs you may have burnout

  1. low energy
  2. trouble sleeping
  3. constantly falling sick
  4. weight gain
  5. loss of appetite
  6. anxiety
  7. depression
  8. irritability
  9. memory loss
  10. racing thoughts
  11. digestive issues
  12. hair loss
  13. tired but wired feeling
  14. tight shoulders


Some of the tools I use for your individualized treatment plan include: